My optimistic holiday knitting planning

One of the things I've started trying to do with the kids is to teach them interesting words. So for the last few weeks we have had a word of the week, with a challenge to use it somewhere in their work at school. Last week's word was actually a pair of words: optimist and pessimist. And these words seem particularly apt to me as I have been thinking of what I would like to knit over the holidays...

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New design: Sumburgh Hat

We've been back from Shetland for a fortnight and I'm still daydreaming about when I will get back there. I keep squeezing balls of Shetland wool and thinking about casting on new projects. I designed a hat for this year's Wool Week Annual which I haven't yet shared here. Sumburgh hat is a beanie with fine twisted stitch cables winding seamlessly from brim to crown.

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Some knitting time...

While we were away in Shetland I had some stretches of time entirely devoted to knitting. I can't tell you what a treat that was!

Before we left I was able to get the Hyacinthus armwarmers finished off, and into the grabby hands of their new owner. :D I literally wove in the ends just before we got in the car to drive to the airport!

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