I'm knitting one of your patterns, and I'm stuck, or perhaps I've found an error. What should I do?
If you need help quickly, I would recommend checking our Ravelry group. There are many members around the world, who may be able to help you straight away.
Alternatively, you can send us a message via our contact page, and we will reply as soon as possible. We aim to respond to email as quickly as possible, but please remember that we are based in the UK, and don’t work over the weekend.

Adding Downloads to Ravelry

The easiest way to access your pattern files is through Ravelry. When you purchase downloadable patterns from our online shop, you can add them to your Ravelry library as follows:

The option to add your pattern to Ravelry can be accessed from your order confirmation email. The email subject line is “Order # confirmed” where # is your order number. On that email there’s a button that says "View your order", like this: 


If you click that it takes you to your checkout page (on the web, not in your email), where you’ll see a box like this: 


If you click on that button it will take you over to Ravelry and ask you to log in, if you aren’t already. Then you need to click one final button to add to your library: 


This cleverly adds your patterns to your Ravelry library. If you have any problems with this process, or you can't find your order confirmation email, please use our Contact Us form, and we will be able to help.

I make beautiful knitting related products, would you like to sell them in your shop?
We are always looking for new products for our online shop. Please send us a message via our contact page, and we will be in touch.

I put some items in my cart, and went to read a blog post, but now I can't find my shopping cart again! Where is it?
The shopping cart tab only appears on pages where there are products to purchase. Simply return to one of the shop pages, and you'll see your cart again.

What are your shipping prices?
We have tried to keep our shipping as affordable as possible. We generally use Royal Mail 1st class (in the UK) and Royal Mail International Standard. Prices are as follows (April 2018):
For large letters up to 100g - £1.75
For parcels from 100g to 1kg - £3.70
Parcels 1kg to 2kg - £6.00
Parcels 2kg to 3 kg - £10.00
Orders over £100 - Free shipping
For parcels up to 500g - £6.20
Parcels from 500g to 1kg - £9.00
Parcels from 1kg to 2kg - £12.00
Parcels from 2kg to 3kg - £21.00
Parcels from 3kg to 4kg - £24.00
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Pacific Islands
Parcels up to 250g - £6.00
Parcels from 250g to 500g - £9.00
Parcels from 500g to 1kg - £14.50
Parcels from 1kg to 2kg - £22.00
Parcels from 2kg to 3kg - £36.50
Parcels from 3kg to 4kg - £44.00
USA and the rest of the world:
Parcels up to 250g - £5.50
Parcels from 250g to 500g - £8.70
Parcels from 500g to 1kg - £13.70
Parcels from 1kg to 2kg - £18.50
Parcels from 2kg to 3kg - £32.20
Parcels from 3kg to 4kg - £37.00

Please bear in mind that we are not responsible for any customs or duty that may be charged on parcels shipped outside of the EU.

When will my order arrive?
You will receive an email when your order is posted. UK orders should arrive within a couple of working days, and European orders within 10 days. Orders outside Europe will usually arrive in 15-20 working days, sometimes even quicker. 

My order hasn't arrived - what should I do?
Sometimes parcels get delayed, or take the long route to their destination. Our experience is that the postal system is reliable and parcels do eventually arrive. However, if your order has not arrived within 7 working days if you are in the UK, 20 working days if you are in Europe, 40 working days if you are in Canada, or 30 working days elsewhere in the world (including the United States of America), then please get in contact with us and we will arrange a replacement. If your original parcel makes an appearance, please don't open it, but mark it Return to Sender and take it to your local post office to come back to us.



I remember seeing a tutorial about X, but I can't find it now. Where is it hiding?
You can search our website using the search box at the bottom of every page, or type what you're looking for here:

I'm having trouble watching your YouTube tutorials, can you help?
Watching videos online requires a good internet connection. If you're struggling to watch a video tutorial, you may need to try again somewhere with a better broadband connection. Alternatively, you could try a photo tutorial instead.

I'm a designer and I'd like you to edit one of my patterns. Can you book me in?
I'm very sorry, but we aren't currently taking technical editing clients.

Technical Editing

We aim for our knitalongs to be as inclusive as possible. You are welcome in our knitalongs regardless of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, size, ability, financial circumstances, language, or where you are from. We will not tolerate any form of hate speech, whether intentional or not. We are working on the ways in which our business can be more inclusive and have better representation of all knitters. We are continuing to work on this behind the scenes, but we also welcome being informed if we miss something that goes against this aim. You can get in touch with us here: Contact Us