Knitting How-To: Working Intarsia in the Round (A Video Tutorial)

I’m a big fan of stranded colourwork knitting – and I know many of our customers are aficionados too! But there are times when you want a single bold colour motif that’s non-repeating, no stranding required. It’s in these situations that we turn to another type of colourwork knitting: intarsia. Working the technique in the round poses special challenges. I’ll show you how to tackle them in today’s tutorial.

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All Sewn Up!

When Nancy Marchant’s Bramen Cowl was released this month, I was excited to see it made use of a sewn cast off, a personal favourite of mine. Sewn cast offs have a lot to recommend them. They tend to be stretchy, so you won’t end up with a cowl that won’t fit over your head. They’re a fabulous match for a long tail cast on. And I find the sewn action of the cast off pleasing and meditative to work.

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There's more than one way to two-colour long-tail cast on!

A few weeks ago, we shared a video tutorial detailing the two-colour long-tail cast-on method, which is used in this month’s Boost Your Knitting pattern, the Bramen Cowl. As with many knitting techniques though, there’s more than one way to accomplish this cast on. Today let’s take a look at another approach, which uses both hands and is sometimes known as a “thumb method” long-tail cast on.

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The Magic of a Two-Colour Long-Tail Cast On

I love the joyful feeling that comes from learning something new. There’s a real satisfaction in delving into a completely new technique, and emerging some hours later feeling like you’ve got it. But there’s a special rush that comes from learning a new tip or trick that builds on previous knowledge, that you can almost immediately grasp, and that leaves you wondering hey, why didn’t I think of that? I had just that sort of light bulb moment when learning how to work the two-colour long-tail cast on for the Bramen Cowl, this month’s Boost Your Knitting pattern.

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How to: Add pleats to your knitting

We're back with our first tutorial video! This is about how to add pleats to your knitting. It was shot at the same time as my introduction to Theme and Variation that I posted a couple of weeks ago, so doesn't reflect any of the kind feedback we received. We will work those tweaks in when we do our next lot of filming in July! I do hope you'll enjoy the tutorial, and find it helpful.

The video covers the following areas:

What is a pleat?

Underlay, turnback and overlay.

Setting up your fabric to add structure to your pleat.

How to prepare the stitches for joining in the pleat.

Joining 3 sets of stitches.

Pleats are featured in Turmeric by Veera Välimäki and Manu by Kate Davies.

And finally, I am wearing my Knotted Kernel cowl, which is my own design (but includes no pleats!).

We'll be back tomorrow with a round-up from our Hapsarehappening Knitalong over on Ravelry, and we'll be awarding the first work in progress prizes, so get your project photos up in the group. There are some truly stunning projects in the making!