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One of the joys of knitting is that once you have mastered a technique, or found your perfect pattern, you can keep on going happily as long as you please. Equally, you could find a pattern you long to knit and discover that you need to learn something new in order to make any progress. It's the latter of these that keeps us interested in what we do as neither of us, me in particular, can say we know about, and can do absolutely everything possible with needles and yarn.

Image © Kate Davies Designs Ltd

Tom van Deijnen's Hexa Hap from The Book of Haps cleverly relies upon repeating the same sequence throughout to produce a fully reversible fabric. It also employs a couple of techniques that may be less familiar, so we have produced these short videos to help you to get to grips with them.

First is the intarsia twist, which gives a smooth, reversible transition between the two shades of yarn:

Hexa Hap is modular in that you work a triangular wedge at a time and then pick up stitches for the next wedge. Here's how to pick up the stitches:

I do hope that you will find these tutorials helpful. You can see more over on our YouTube channel: Arnall-Culliford Knitwear on YouTube

Hexa Hap by Tom van Deijnen

Tom12 copy

To find out all about Tom van Deijnen's amazing Hexa Hap design, head over to Kate's blog to read his interview. This hap (along with Bristol's) will get me doing intarsia, I'm sure of it!

The next design will be revealed here tomorrow, so don't forget to stop by. You can see all of the patterns as they are released on Ravelry: The Book of Haps

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