Video: Multi-Round Helical Stripes

Now that you’ve got two-round stripes and stitch patterns nailed, you’re ready to open the doors to a whole new world of helical possibilities…

Our video on multi-round stripes shows you how to set up more than two helices of stitches. The video describes the difference between traditional stripes and multi-round helical stripes (one has bands and the other is just a big spiral), and shows you how to set them up for stocking stitch. In Chapter 4 of the ebook, you’ll find instructions for working striped helical garter stitch, helical Fair Isle, and other multi-round helical stitch patterns. There are so many possibilities!

This is the final helical how-to video, and I hope you’ll find it useful. The SN2LA Helical Knitting knitalong lasts until early December, so do pop in to our friendly Ravelry group if you’ve helicalised a project or are working on a helical pattern. We so enjoy seeing your projects popping up!

And lastly, today is the final day that the 10% discount code in the Something New to Learn About Helical Knitting ebook is valid, so do pop over to the shop and treat yourself. We have the latest books from Hunter Hammersen and the newest Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guides, as well as deliciously squishy Something to Knit With Aran – perfect for your next helical project. :) You will find your code in the Welcome Pack pdf in your Ravelry library.