The Techniques

Heartfelt thanks for all the kind words you've said about A Year of Techniques. We've been overwhelmed by the messages in our Ravelry group, on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and via email. It's so great to hear that you're sharing our excitement!

I've always been a bit of an enthusiast for learning something new. In fact, that might be the understatement of the century. Whether it's in my knitting, or the garden, or helping the kids with their homework, I absolutely adore that satisfied feeling you get when you've mastered something you couldn't do before. I want to spread that feeling far and wide! You don't have to love every new thing you try, but there's always something to learn from the process of having a go. At least that's what I tell the kids when I've cooked some experimental dinner and they are all turning up their noses. Sometimes it even works!

Jesse Wild , our photographer, taking photos for the tutorials at our first photo shoot last week.

Jesse Wild, our photographer, taking photos for the tutorials at our first photo shoot last week.

So what will we be teaching you to do in our new book, A Year of Techniques? The answer is all sorts of things. Beyond the headline skills that I'm going to list below, I hope that each pattern will demonstrate some of the different ways that those skills can be combined, and also the different situations in which each technique can be used.

  • Afterthought heels and thumbs
  • Garter stitch grafting
  • Helical stripes
  • Intarsia
  • Judy's magic cast on (both for starting closed tubes, and as a provisional cast on)
  • Knitting on a border
  • Mastering dominance in Fair Isle knitting
  • Pinhole cast on (also known as Emily Ocker's circular cast on)
  • Reading cables from charts
  • Short rows
  • Steeks
  • Turning a heel

We have a selection of nifty cast ons, some colourwork techniques, and many ways to make your knitted fabric three-dimensional. We hope that having worked through A Year of Techniques with us, you'll be inspired to continue to develop your skills in the areas that most interest you. Indeed, I'm certain that each month in the knitalong threads there will be great suggestions for further reading if you've found a new skill that you love and want to widen your knowledge. We'll be making use of the summary section at the top of Ravelry threads to put together the best links and tips in the knitalong, so even if you don't fancy posting, it will be well worth stopping by to read.

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If you stop by tomorrow, we'll be having a cuppa with Kay and Ann from MDK, who will be sharing their enthusiasm for all things knitting. Then we will be revealing the stellar designer list, and putting the book and kits on sale here on our website in the middle of next week. You won't want to miss that!

Happy knitting!