HapsarehappeningKAL Progress

This knit-a-long (hap-a-long?) has been running in our Ravelry group for a whole week. I am already struggling to keep up, simply because there are so many people taking part and talking about how they're getting on. This is of course a good thing since it means that there are huge numbers of photos from all over to look at, lots of help and advice being doled out, and most of all knitters from all over the world sharing their love of knitting.

What's really heartening to see, is that every pattern within The Book of Haps is being worked on. I think it's a testament to the designers that they've all interpreted the brief differently and have come up with something that really appeals.

With so many projects on the go, it's been hard to feature them all, so here is a small selection of those still on the needles:

  Haemgaet Jen

Harewood Brenda

Hexa Debby

Houlland Sara

From top to bottom: Jen's (Gynnifer on Ravelry) Haemgaet, Brenda's (brendadada) Harewood, Debby's (sailingby) Hexahap, Sara's (SaraMW) Houlland.

 And a few finished haps.

  Lang Ayre Alix

Shore Hap Maylin

Happenstance Annegret

 Top to bottom: Alix's (AlixPearson) Lang Ayre, Maylin's (blithespirit) Shore Hap, Annegret's (herbscat) Happenstance.

Each week we're giving away prizes, randomly selected from those of you who have shared your projects with us. This week Tom van Deijnen, designer of the Hexahap and Bristol Ivy, designer of Harewood have generously donated patterns for us to give away. Merrybg wins a Bristol Ivy pattern of her choice, Paisley wins a Tom van Deijnen pattern of her choice, and FolkieFi was very lucky to come up twice, so wins one of each.

It's not too late to get involved as the KAL will run into August: simply tag your Ravelry project with the tag hapsarehappeningKAL to join in. You can see all projects at a glance here, and see all the Instagram photos posted of projects here. Come back next week to see more beautiful creations. 

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All photos © of the respective knitters.