Knitting Tutorials

Want to know more about a particular knitting technique? Here is a selection of posts from our blog, that may help you to master interesting knitting techniques.

Using a hap blocking frame

A blocking frame is a great way to ensure that your lace knits get a really good stretch, and look their best.

Using Ravelry

One of the most powerful knitting techniques out there is using Ravelry! It has so much to offer in terms of keeping track of projects, sharing ideas with other knitters, and finding the perfect yarn or pattern. This article introduces some of Ravelry's key features.

Reusing previously knitted yarn

A short tutorial on how to unkink yarn that has previously knitted. This is really handy for preparing yarn from a sushi roll or sock blank, or refreshing yarn you have previously knitted.

Substituting Yarns

I used a variety of yarns to knit my Crofthoose Hat, so I wrote about which yarns worked best together and why. Plenty to think about if you're considering a yarn substitution.

using ravelry part 2

This second article focusses on the sociable side of Ravelry. From how to find groups to join, to making new knitting friends and taking part in swaps. There are lots of ideas to be found in this article.

Caring for your handknits

There's nothing worse than ruining a knitting project having worn it only once. This article includes lots of advice for ways to keep your hand knits looking their best.

Short Row files

A blog post with a selection of links to short row techniques as well as a video demonstrating the slyo short row method.
Image © Susan Crawford.