Despite our best efforts, sometimes errors slip through the editing process. All known errors in our print publications can be found here.

A Year of Techniques (First edition only)

On page 87, the yarn required for the Yellow Wagtail Scarf by Sarah Hatton is listed as Shetland Heritage Aran with a length of 90m per 50g ball. The yarn required is actually Shetland Aran Worsted with a length of 61m per 50g ball. Yarn quantities are not affected by this correction.

On page 96, the Hedera Helix sock pattern is missing the instruction to knit 1 round, after casting on and before working the first increase round.

In the instructions for the small size of Shaila Mittens, the thumb placement in on round 17 where the stitches above the waste cast on are stranded. These can be trickier to knit across than non-stranded stitches, so you may find it easier to move the thumb placement for both left and right mittens up 2 rounds (to round 19).

On page 112, the Oorik tank top pattern is missing the instruction to break yarns at the end of step 2, prior to casting on for the steeks.

Boost your knitting (print edition only)

Page 81, Marangoni Hat, Chart B, stitch 47, row 6 should be shade C, not shade B.

Inside back cover, splitA&B should say “see also photo tutorial on page 84”, not XX.

SUMBURGH HAT (Shetland wool week annual only)

On round 9 of the written instructions for the crown shaping it should say 1/1 LT and not 1/1 RT. The chart is correct as published.