On the Subject of Emergency Knitting...

Isn’t it funny how things sometimes happen in an order such that it feels like it was somehow pre-destined? Last week I blogged about how much I had missed having a simple sock project in my handbag, and how important it is for me to always have some knitting to hand.

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The unignored projects...

I didn’t get completely side-tracked over the Easter holidays! I worked on the projects that most needed my attention, and stayed pretty faithful to my Sterlyn Shawl and Briochevron Wrap. I cast off my Sterlyn not long after we got back from Wales, and the Briochevron is one of those projects that I just need to pick up and do regularly. It will get there eventually! There were heaps of photos of Sterlyns in yesterday’s post, and mine looks much like those – if you’d like to see mine, click the link above to head over to my Ravelry project page.

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April showers bring ... finished lace!

Well that was fun! Our April Boost Your Knitting KAL has officially come to an end, but what a month it was! Joji Locatelli’s sterling Sterlyn Shawl had knitters all fired up about fixing mistakes in lace – the finished results, I think you’ll agree, are stunning! So many shawls, with plenty of cameo appearances of spring flowers!

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On a wet Thursday...

The weather here in Frome is miserable. It’s pouring with rain and grey as anything. I’m hoping against hope that it will clear up next week for the school holidays, or we will go stir-crazy playing endless board games and looking out the window.

I’ve not blogged about what I’ve been knitting for a while, so this is a quick run-down post.

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That was fun! Shall we do it again?

Happy New Year!

The kids are back at school, and we have found our way to the office and dusted off the computers, ready to knock this year out of the park! Or something like that…

The break was nicely recharging. I’ve been working on a sweater for myself – Granito by Joji Locatelli – and I’m using our Something to Knit With 4ply in the dark and mysterious Twilight colourway. It’s knitting up like a dream and I’m even daydreaming that I might finish it to wear at EYF in March. But that might be a bit over optimistic… We will see!

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FO: Cardiganised Ola Yoke

I can hardly believe it, but in just under 12 months I have knitted myself a 4ply cardigan!

I’m totally thrilled with how it turned out, and I’m already wearing it a great deal! I thought it would be helpful to talk through how I took Ella’s absolutely beautiful Ola Yoke sweater pattern and converted it to a cardigan, as it’s really not a difficult transformation to make. I should say of course that the sweater is fabulous, and doesn’t need modifying at all. I just know that I wear cardigans a lot more than sweaters, and wanted to get the most from this lovely knit.

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