How fast can we knit?

Jim and I have embarked upon a slightly wild plan to knit a sweater before Yarndale. I have been lusting after a Telja sweater for some time. My lovely local yarn shop (Frome Yarn Collective) had a sample of another of Jennifer Steingass’s patterns in the window earlier in the year, and I walk past twice a day on the school run. Every time I saw the sweater I fell a little more in love with it.

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With all of the children now at school, I have returned to a bit of editing work. It has been lovely to pick up the threads of life before I became this new "Mummy person". I've missed my regular Skype chats with clients, and I didn't realise quite how important it is for me to use my brain for more than the juggle of family scheduling, food and clothing stock control, and washing. I love those things too, but alone they aren't quite enough.

I've been doing a small amount of regular editing and writing work for Rachel Coopey since earlier in the year, and it's kept my toes in the water a bit. However, I really just dived in at the deep end in October, and worked on the secondary checking of Yokes for Kate Davies. What an amazing project to be a part of!


For the first time, I worked closely with another technical editor, Rachel Atkinson. Not only was it brilliant fun to be back working with Kate and Nic, but having someone to bounce technical questions off was also a joy. Boy did it feel good to be back!

If you've not yet seen a copy of Yokes, and you have any interest in knitting, fashion or textile history, then go and buy a copy! It's a great read over and above having eleven beautiful garments (all with a yoked construction, but not all recognisably classic yoked sweaters). Jim idly picked it up off the sofa, and later commented what an interesting read it was! Kate's research has taken her to Sweden, Iceland and Shetland, and the stories she's uncovered are fascinating.

I'm torn as to which garment to knit first - there are so many that leapt out at me...

Asta1_medium2     Epistrophy8_medium2     Fintry3_medium2

These are my top 3... Ásta Sóllilja, Epistrophy and Fintry (the photos above will all enlarge if clicked on). Of the three, Fintry is the only one that I have suitable yarn for, so naturally that should be first. However, it's also the finest gauge at 4ply compared to DK for Epistrophy and Aran for Ásta Sóllilja. So I might have to make a strategic plan...

What a treat to work with such inspiring material! I spend a lot of time at my desk wishing I could edit and knit simultaneously!

I can't wait to share the next book project I've been involved in, which is about to go to press. Yay!

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