On a wet Thursday...

The weather here in Frome is miserable. It’s pouring with rain and grey as anything. I’m hoping against hope that it will clear up next week for the school holidays, or we will go stir-crazy playing endless board games and looking out the window.

I’ve not blogged about what I’ve been knitting for a while, so this is a quick run-down post.

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Yarn bossing

Do you happily knit from the ball, taking the yarn as it comes? Or are you more of a yarn bosser? Do you look at the colours in a ball of gradient yarn, and decide where you want to start, or move things along a bit if you're getting bored of a particular colour? Or are you one of those people who cuts out the dissonant shade in a ball of Noro?

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The Yarns

During the commissioning process, we had long discussions about which yarns we wanted the designers to use in their submissions. Our criteria were fairly straightforward: they had to be yarns we absolutely loved, widely available in quantity, and come from brands with a range of options in weight and fibre mix. After some to-ing and fro-ing, we settled on three of our all-time favourite brands: Fyberspates, Jamieson & Smith, and Schoppel Wolle.

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