July: It's all about the socks!

I remember clearly casting on for my first pair of socks. I was sitting on a sofa at Get Knitted, on a meet-up with a group of knitters from all over the UK, on a morning in January 2008. I worked through that first sock, but it never got a pair as I knitted the first so tightly it wouldn't fit my foot! Since then I have made countless pairs, gradually understanding the construction in more detail, and now I can happily pick up needles and yarn and set off on a sock adventure without requiring a pattern. It is my hope that working through the heel turn tutorial on this month's pattern will set you off on that same adventure.

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Meet Alex the Mouse

This is Alex the Mouse, the marvellous creation of Ella Austin for this month's A Year of Techniques project. Thank you Ella! I can't stop cuddling him! I've had to physically fight off family members who have tried to kidnap Alex as their own. In fact over the last few months that he's been staying here, Alex has had a constant stream of admirers!

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Book review: Coop Knits Socks Yeah! Volume One

There is no way that I can claim to write an unbiased review of this book! I edited the patterns, am very good friends with Rachel, and the book is stocked in our online shop. Unbiased just isn't possible. That said, I still think I would be jumping around shouting about this book, even if I hadn't worked on it, and didn't know Rachel. You'll just have to trust me on that...

This lovely book was released back in October 2016 when we were deep in editing work and kids adjusting to being back at school. Much to my regret I didn't get around to shouting about it at the time, so I'm making up for it now. Clicking on any of the photos in this post will open larger versions in a lightbox so that you can see all the details of these pretty designs.

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