FO: Another POP! Cardigan

I seem to be having a phase of knitting the same patterns over and over again. It probably says something about where we are at the moment, but I'm too tired to think about it.


I've finished my second Pop! Baby Cardigan by Rachel Atkinson. If it's possible, I enjoyed knitting it even more the second time around. It basically flew off my needles. I used a skein of Skein Queen Blissful Plump that I bought at Unravel, in a lovely shade of denim blue. Do I get extra points for using up yarn promptly?


I used some adorable elephant buttons from Textile Garden - also picked up at Unravel. I do love the Textile Garden selection of fun buttons!

Generally I don't knit the same pattern more than once, so I think you can tell that I've enjoyed knitting POP! I'm sure I'll knit another POP! soon, but I've actually got a different kids' cardigan on the needles right now. I'll show you that next week...

FO: POP! Cardigan

See?! I'm steaming through these projects, finishing things left, right and centre!!


This is a teeny tiny 3-6 month old baby cardi, which I've knitted for the first child of a very old friend. One of those friends we played in the road with as kids. We've not been in touch that much of late, but a little one arrived at just the right point in my knitting, and this cute little cardigan just sort of slipped off my needles!

The design is the POP! cardigan by Rachel Atkinson (aka Knittingtastic), and I've made mine using just two 50g balls of King Cole Merino Blend DK. The yarn is just lovely - affordable, soft, and pleasingly rounded. It is a great match to this pattern - the superwash-ness is perfect for a baby cardigan, and the stitch definition is fantastic in the garter stitch yoke and edgings. And did I mention before, it knitted up REALLY quickly?!


I had spotted these lovely red rocket buttons on the Textile Garden Instagram feed a few days before I finished the cardi, so I was delighted to realise that they were exhibiting at Unravel. I have visited Unravel 3 times now, and it's a really lovely yarn show. There was so much inspiration to be had! Not to mention all the lovely people I bumped into. But that's for another post...

As well as being super-cute, these buttons were particularly perfect for this cardigan, as the rockets remind me of the Tintin story, Destination Moon, a book I'm fairly sure my friend enjoyed as a kid. The rockets are perhaps more similar to the Wallace and Gromit rocket from A Grand Day Out, or maybe they are a hybrid between the two... My memory is going hazy...

If you know someone who's expecting, then I'd highly recommend this little cardigan. It's a fun knit!

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of the POP! Cardigan for free, after I provided Rachel with a picture of my favourite Christmas bauble. I also work with Rachel from time to time. It's still a great pattern, and I would happily have paid for it.