Hapisk by Hélène Magnússon

Today, the penultimate hap has been unveiled - Hapisk - an Icelandic take on the Shetland hap. Hélène Magnússon has taken inspiration from traditional Icelandic knitted textiles, and applied them in her lovely Hapisk - an Icelandic hap.

Helene4 copy

Hapisk uses Hélène's own Gilitrutt Tvíband lace weight yarn in garter stitch stripes, with a lace edging pattern. Like all of the lace and cable patterns in the book, the instructions are provided in both written and charted formats, so you can choose which you prefer. For the larger charts, the written instructions are provided in the download Appendix to The Book of Haps, which forms part of the complimentary eBook accompanying all print copies.

Helene10 copy

You will find a fascinating interview with Hélène over on Kate's blog today. And all of Hapisk's technical details can be found through Ravelry: The Book of Haps

The next design will be revealed tomorrow on Kate's blog, so don't forget to stop by. You can see all of the patterns as they are released on Ravelry: The Book of Haps

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