How to neatly finish Alex the Mouse

This isn't one of the monthly AYoT video tutorials, rather a bonus one for May to show you how to work an applied i-cord edging to join 2 pieces. If you're nearing the end of Alex the Mouse, this could be invaluable.

And that's not all. Ella Austin has shared her expertise on finishing toys

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Pinhole Knitalong

I can't believe how quickly people have ditched their WIPs and cast on for Alex! The knitalong thread in our Ravelry group is already buzzing with excitement. If you're new to posting in our group, please do feel free to just drop in and share your progress. We're a very chatty bunch, but there's no obligation to wade through all the posts in any of the threads, just dive in and say hi!

We are always very happy to answer questions about any aspect of your knitting, and the wealth of experience and knowledge in our group is extraordinary - group membership now stands at 1,260 so wherever you are in the world, someone will be awake and on hand to encourage you along!

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Meet Alex the Mouse

This is Alex the Mouse, the marvellous creation of Ella Austin for this month's A Year of Techniques project. Thank you Ella! I can't stop cuddling him! I've had to physically fight off family members who have tried to kidnap Alex as their own. In fact over the last few months that he's been staying here, Alex has had a constant stream of admirers!

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June Pattern Round-Up

Much of June was taken up with promotion work, but there have still been a few patterns that have crossed our desks and been published. 

Summer is most definitely shawl season, and Bristol Ivy's eye-catching Rillmark stands out from the crowd.


It takes its name from the marks left in the sand by the retreating water once a wave has broken on a beach. It has a clever construction in the way that increases are worked not only in the body of the shawl, but also in the edging without any obvious break in the pattern.

Conifer, a baby cardigan, is the latest release from Ella Austin's Colour and Line Collection


Any child wearing this beautiful cardigan will undoubtedly get jealous glances from all quarters.

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Photos © Bristol Ivy and Emma Solley (Ella Austin) respectively