Knitter, know yourself...

Sometimes I astonish myself with my ability to ignore the things I know about myself.

I know that I find it hard to ignore mistakes in my knitting. And yet I will still leave a beautiful project in a bag, thinking I can ignore the error and keep knitting. Until eventually I wake up and realise that I need to rip out the mistake and correct it. More than a year later!

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The unignored projects...

I didn’t get completely side-tracked over the Easter holidays! I worked on the projects that most needed my attention, and stayed pretty faithful to my Sterlyn Shawl and Briochevron Wrap. I cast off my Sterlyn not long after we got back from Wales, and the Briochevron is one of those projects that I just need to pick up and do regularly. It will get there eventually! There were heaps of photos of Sterlyns in yesterday’s post, and mine looks much like those – if you’d like to see mine, click the link above to head over to my Ravelry project page.

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On a wet Thursday...

The weather here in Frome is miserable. It’s pouring with rain and grey as anything. I’m hoping against hope that it will clear up next week for the school holidays, or we will go stir-crazy playing endless board games and looking out the window.

I’ve not blogged about what I’ve been knitting for a while, so this is a quick run-down post.

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