Brioche Boldly! A trio of video tutorials

Jen’s got not one, but three videos for you today to help build your brioche confidence! Two-colour brioche might seem a bit daunting, but take your time, think things through and, with Jen’s calm and careful explanations, you’ll be on your way in no time!

First time around the brioche block? No problem! In this first video, Jen demonstrates how to get your brioche knitting set up, and then how to work basic two-colour brioche fabric, working each row twice with the two colours:

Ready for next steps? The following two videos will show you how to work the increases and decreases in brioche that create the distinctive reversible pattern of Carol Feller’s Flying Leaves Scarf.

Take it nice and slow — hey, re-watch the video if you need to — and in no time you’ll be boldly brioche-ing along!

Image © Jesse Wild

Image © Jesse Wild

And of course, if you’d like to knit your own Flying Leaves Scarf, you can purchase the Boost Your Knitting print + eBook bundle in the online shop! Happy knitting!