FO: Granito Sweater

I’m so thrilled with my finished Granito Sweater! Once again, a 4ply garment has taken me around a year from start to finish, in amongst a LOT of work knitting and smaller pieces. At this point in my life I’m pretty happy with that. It would be easy to feel like I wasn’t making progress and that it would never be finished, but in reality – when I was working on it – it flew along.

Granito is by the fabulous Joji Locatelli, who designed the Sterlyn Shawl for Boost, and is just such a kind and thoughtful person. I really enjoyed working on my Granito. It has the perfect balance of interesting details, but also plenty of mindless knitting suitable for TV watching or knitting out with friends.

I love the way that the shoulders are picked up to give that ridge. It sits really nicely with the slip stitch ridges down the front and back. And the pockets? Oh! The pockets! Large enough to actually put things in, and they look great too. I love a good pocket!

I knitted my Granito using our Something to Knit With 4ply in the Twilight shade. I am utterly biased of course, but I am so, so happy with the way this yarn knits up. It feels good to knit with – having just the right amount of bounce – but it is the fabric after washing and blocking that blows me away every time. Everything settles and relaxes, and you end up with a draping, flat fabric in stocking stitch that is unutterably pleasing to me. And of course, with the highland wool and alpaca content it is going to be really cosy come the autumn. I’m thrilled, can you tell?!