On the Subject of Emergency Knitting...

Isn’t it funny how things sometimes happen in an order such that it feels like it was somehow pre-destined? Last week I blogged about how much I had missed having a simple sock project in my handbag, and how important it is for me to always have some knitting to hand.

Fast-forward to this weekend, and on Sunday morning, I turned to run home to collect a forgotten drinks bottle, and my calf went “twang”.

“Twang” is not a feeling that one wants in one’s calf. I tried to walk and found I couldn’t put weight through my left leg. Whoops. As is often the case, this happened on a day when Jim was away at a family function with the rest of the family, so I was on my own. I got help from another parent and went up to the local minor injuries unit.

Jen on crutches.JPG

Thank goodness for my emergency sock knitting in my handbag!! I would have found it very hard to be patient for the hour and three-quarters of waiting time without that sock. Once I was seen, I was swiftly diagnosed with a torn gastrocnemius muscle in my calf, referred for physio, taught how to walk with my crutches and told to rest. Another kind parent drove me home, and I settled in to knit on the sofa.

It was not how I planned to spend my Sunday, but it was probably what I most needed. I finished that first emergency handbag sock, and immediately cast on for the second one. These are my tenth pair of Rachel Coopey Dave Socks! I’m not sure whether there will be enough of the stripey yarn to work the second sock to exactly match. It was only a 50g ball to start with, so I might end up with half a foot in the pink. I’m OK with that. I do like things to match and be neat, but these socks were more about finishing up some languishing stash, so a bit of asymmetry in the name of thrift is fine by me.

Then I finished the crown on my Apple Swizzle Hat (by Thea Colman and from Boost Your Knitting). I just need to make a pom pom (the pom pom makers were at the office, so I’ll do that tonight once Jim has brought them home), and then it will be done. I already love how it looks though, and am sorely tempted to cast on another…

By this point I was on a roll, so I dug out my Pinglewin who had been marinading in my WIPs pile for FAR too long. She just needed the second sleeve of her hoody plus her beak knitting, and some eyes. I couldn’t believe how little there was to do before she too was on the finished pile. I’m not sure who will get to keep her at the moment. Perhaps I will? She’s ever so cute, and if you’ve not checked out the other projects in Anna Maltz’s clever Penguin collection, then do!

And to round things off I did a few inches on the first sleeve of my Granito (pattern by Boost designer, Joji Locatelli). I had picked up the sleeves a couple of weeks back, and done three or four inches of work, and then set them aside again while I worked on other things. I’m starting to get really excited about finishing Granito and wearing it. The weather here is still really cold and wet. We had a massive hail storm yesterday, and I’m using my electric blanket when I go to bed (I’ve just checked and it’s definitely June), so a new sweater will be just the thing!

I really didn’t expect to need my emergency knitting in that way, but I’m very grateful I had it. But not as grateful as I am for the NHS. I was seen and diagnosed promptly, I have physiotherapy booked in, and nothing to pay. I can only imagine what the bill would have been elsewhere.

I feel hugely frustrated to not be mobile for a few weeks while my calf heals, but I have an inkling my silver lining will be more knitting time. Sorry Jim!