Four reasons to love the tubular cast on (+ a video tutorial that shows you how to do it)

This month’s Boost Your Knitting project is all about mastering the tubular cast on in the round. I’ve waxed lyrical about my love of the tubular cast on in the past, but if I still haven’t convinced you to give it a go, here are four reasons you should take the plunge.

Tubular cast on in progress! Image © Jesse Wild.

Tubular cast on in progress! Image © Jesse Wild.

  1. It’s tidy. The cast on works seamlessly with 1x1 or 2x2 rib with no visible cast on edge. Your knit and purl stitches will look like they’ve appeared from thin air. Knitting magic!

  2. It’s stretchy. Making it perfect for mittens (like this month’s featured pattern), hats, sleeve cuffs … you name it!

  3. But it’s not floppy. What you gain in stretch, you don’t lose in firmness. No flared cast-on edges here.

  4. It’s simple. Sure, you’ll need a bit of waste yarn and to work a few set up rounds. But the process is so straightforward (as you’ll see in the video below) and the finished effect so fabulous (see 1-3) that I think you’ll agree that the five extra minutes is well worth it!

So what are you waiting for? Grab some waste yarn, grab some needles, and let’s get started:

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