Fancy a little contest?

It’s just three sleeps until the first pattern and tutorials of Boost Your Knitting will be landing in Ravelry libraries around the world, and we can hardly contain our excitement around here! Are you as excited as we are? Can you hardly wait to see the first pattern? Are you dreaming about all things Boost Your Knitting? (Maybe that’s just us?) Well let’s pour that excited energy into some fun knitting detective work!

Boost Your Knitting_1500rec.jpg

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to match the twelve designers to the twelve techniques featured in Boost Your Knitting (they’re listed below). But why stop there? Hypothesise about what type of pattern each one will be — some of these will be pretty obvious, but some much more of a challenge! Guess what yarn each pattern will use (there will be a full post on the blog tomorrow about the Boost Your Knitting yarns, but if you want to begin your sleuthing, our webshop is a good place to start!). Then pop your designer + technique + project type + yarn guesses over in the special thread we’ve opened in the Ravelry group. Of course, the “winner” won’t be revealed until September when the print book is released, so there’s no official prize, but imagine the glory, the satisfaction, the awe of your fellow knitters, if you manage to guess each month’s quartet correctly!

Happy hypothesising!


  • Anna Maltz

  • Carol Feller

  • Ella Austin

  • Felicity (Felix) Ford

  • Joji Locatelli

  • Julia Farwell-Clay

  • Sockmatician

  • Nancy Marchant

  • Sarah Hatton

  • Thea Colman

  • Tori Seierstad

  • Wendy D. Johnson


  • Brioche knitting

  • Choosing colours for stranded colourwork

  • Correcting mistakes in lace knitting

  • Tubular cast-on in the round

  • Dip stitches

  • Double knitting

  • Finishing techniques for toy knitting

  • Gusset short row heel for toe-up socks

  • Intarsia in the round

  • Joining in yarns for colourwork

  • Marlisle

  • Tuck stitches

And if you’d like to join in the Boost Your Knitting fun, you can still buy the digital programme (which includes a pre-order of the print book, to be mailed in September), in our online shop, along with Spring Kits and the Ultimate Boost Your Knitting package NOW SOLD OUT.

Enter your guesses over here in our Ravelry group: Boost Your Knitting: Fun contest

Since this post was written we have removed Sockmatician from our designer line up. You can read the reasons here: Changing Plans