That was fun! Shall we do it again?

Happy New Year!

The kids are back at school, and we have found our way to the office and dusted off the computers, ready to knock this year out of the park! Or something like that…

The break was nicely recharging. I’ve been working on a sweater for myself – Granito by Joji Locatelli – and I’m using our Something to Knit With 4ply in the dark and mysterious Twilight colourway. It’s knitting up like a dream and I’m even daydreaming that I might finish it to wear at EYF in March. But that might be a bit over optimistic… We will see! I have knitted about another 4cm [nearly 2 inches] since I took the photo above, so it’s definitely coming along.

Alongside the sweater for me, I’m also working my way through all of the projects for the sequel to A Year of Techniques.


We are doing it again this year, and over the coming weeks I’ll be telling you all about the awesome fun we have in store.

Project bags.jpg

I am thinking of colour-coding my project bags in some way so that I can keep track of which month is which, or possibly just hanging tags off each of them. I’m spending way too much time opening bags and remembering that the one I’m looking for isn’t that one! I have seven on the go so far, with the last five parcelled up ready for casting on. I know I’ve chosen them all, so I should enjoy them, but it’s still really pleasing that I can’t wait to pick up the bags each evening and work on lovely designs from my favourite designers.

I’m not really a resolutions person, but I have been reflecting on how I ended up in such a state at the end of last year, and one of the things that I’m planning to do differently this year is to ring-fence a day per week for knitting on non-work related projects. I absolutely love my current work knitting, but I know myself well enough to recognise that non-work knitting is a vital component of my wellbeing. It keeps me feeling excited and enthused, so I have to actively make time for it, and keep the guilt at not working at bay. To this end, I’m using one of the quarterly tracking lines in my Strickplaner to keep an eye on how often I manage some personal knitting time. It’s going well so far.

In order to get us all in the mood for a new round of Year of Techniques, I thought it would be nice to do a bit of a look-back at all the fun we had last time, so keep an eye out for a post tomorrow to get that started!

Do you have any knitting plans or goals for 2019? Do let me know in the comments, or you can come and chat with us in our Ravelry group about what you’re working on right now. Whatever you’re knitting, I hope it’s fun!