Fruity Knitting Interview

Have you ever wondered what exactly a technical editor does? Are you interested to know how we came up with the idea for A Year of Techniques? Or perhaps you would like to know how Jim and I came to be working together? These are just some of the questions we answered in our interview for Fruity Knitting which was released yesterday. We were absolutely delighted to be approached by Andrea and Andrew to do an interview on their fantastic podcast – they have such a professional approach and it is really well executed.

If you aren't already avid watchers of Fruity Knitting, I can highly recommend working through their back-catalogue. They have interviewed many fantastically interesting people from within the hand-knitting industry, including Romi Hill, Ysolda Teague, Veronik Avery and Marie Wallin to name but a few. You can find a complete list of their guests over on their website: Fruity Knitting Guests.

Andrea takes a great deal of time to research her guests, before preparing a list of questions for them. I think this initial work is what leads to her really detailed interviews, and thus why the show is such a winner. Here's a snapshot of what we did to prepare for our episode... Andrea asked me to send over any interviews or information I had about my career so far. We then did a first interview, where we chatted through my answers before deciding what was going to be of most interest to the viewers. I then went away and practised my answers, and Jim worked out what he would talk about. We then did the final interview (having set up lighting and checked our sound and internet connections!), before also heading out to do some extra footage on location in Frome. Andrea then followed up with us a few weeks later to get extra images and footage of our video tutorials, so that she could edit them in to the final episode. Phew! :)

If you enjoy the show, it's definitely worth considering becoming a Fruity Knitting Patreon donor. Patreon is a way of giving a small sum each month to Fruity Knitting in return for a range of benefits, including access to extra tutorials, discounts from Fruity Knitting guests, and live web interviews with people from around the knitting world. I'm doing the live webchat in February which is available in audio only to Merino Patreons and as live video to Shetland Patreons, and we have also created a 10% discount code for our online shop for all Fruity Knitting Patreons. Patreon donations enable Andrea to work full time on the podcast, and they ensure that the podcast remains sustainable and of the best possible quality.

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I do hope you enjoy watching the show as much as we enjoyed filming it! We will be back tomorrow with the Oorik tank top and steeking knitalong launch. Happy knitting!