New Pattern: Redlynch Shawl

I'm delighted to launch the first of my autumn knitting patterns - the Redlynch Shawl.

Inspired by the need for something to layer with long-sleeved T-shirts, or blouses, but not too heavy, Redlynch is named after a very pretty Somerset village. It's technically a cape or capelet, but I find that a rather off-putting description for a garment that I wear heaps and heaps. I tend to think of it more as a large shawl that doesn't need wrapping around your neck. You just slip it on and it stays put!

Redlynch is knitted in SMC Select Highland Alpaca Fino, which is a blend of 50% alpaca and 50% wool single ply yarn. I would describe it as a light 4ply weight yarn (it has 250m per 50g), but Ravelry has it down as a sport weight. It blooms nicely, so is a versatile yarn. You could certainly substitute anything between a 3ply and sport weight yarn, depending on how light you would like your Redlynch Shawl to be.

The shawl is knitted in a wide rectangle, before dividing into two halves to create the neck opening. Each half is worked on separately, and then joined together either by grafting (which gives the neatest finish) or by casting off and sewing the two ends. The neck and body edgings are then picked up and an i-cord is knitted on. The lace has patterning on both RS and WS rows, and the finished repeat reminds me of pairs of wings.

© Jesse Wild

We took these photos back in April on a fun shoot with Jesse, and some help from my great friend Maz. She never stopped making me giggle, so thank you for ensuring that I had genuine smiles all day long Maz! Many thanks also to Kim Hobley and Rachel Atkinson for sample knitting for me. You are stars!

Here is all the technical information you might need:

This design was first published in The Knitter, Issue 45 under the name Vita, but the rights have now reverted to me, and I'm now releasing it for the first time as a single pattern download.