Picture This

Following on from the HapsarehappeningKAL, which still has plenty of chat going on a month after it finished, we racked our brains to come up with a new idea for the next knitalong. After much discussion about the topic, scope and name, we settled on picturethisKAL.

The idea is simple: knit a project that is in some way inspired by an image. It can be a photo you’ve taken, it can be a famous painting or photo, it can be any image you like! Your project can be inspired by the image’s colour, texture or shape. It’s up to you! Our aim is for the knitalong to be nice and inclusive. If you have an idea of what you want to knit next, then make it so. There’s an image for every possible project.

This KAL will run until Monday 17th October 2016 at midnight Alaskan time. To get involved, please tag your project on Ravelry with PictureThisKAL, and use the hashtag #PictureThisKAL on Instagram and Twitter. This allows everyone to see all of the inspiring projects involved in the knitalong.

There will be weekly prizes, selected at random for works in progress and also a prize for finished objects. Full details for eligibility are in the KAL thread.

Stuck for inspiration?


It could be a landscape such as this one of the river through Wick by Claire (soup dragon).

Gv1 Gv2

You could choose to match colours from other crafts, such as this cross stitch made as a present for Georgie (georgievinsun).


Perhaps something in the garden, like Danielle's (KnittingNixon) roses.



You could take inspiration from the colours of garden wildlife as Beverley (0bev0) has. 

Alix P

Or you could be like Alix (AlixPearson) who is basing her colours on a memorable dinner in Sweden. 

Whatever you choose, get casting on now and join in the fun!