Shore Hap by Martina Behm

If you look back through the blog archives, you'll see that I'm a bit of a Martina Behm fangirl... I've knitted both Hitchhiker and Miss Winkle, and I love the simple but interesting way that she uses stitches. So it is with delight that I can share the final design for The Book of Haps - Shore Hap by Martina Behm

Martina5 copy

Martina's designs are what some might describe as potato-chippy. You can't just knit one row, you have to keep having another and another. This beautiful hap starts at the point of one side and increases up to the neck. You then work another piece in a similar way, before joining the two halves together to create the kite-like shape at back neck. This is one of those designs you could wear in any number of ways. Head over to Kate's blog to read more about the maritime inspiration behind the Shore Hap, and to see many more pictures of this versatile piece.

I've so enjoyed sharing all of these fantastic haps with you all. There is such variation in the approaches taken by our fantastic team of designers. Now I can't wait for books to start landing with knitters - it's going to be fun watching everyone cast on.

Over in our Ravelry group we will be running a Book of Haps knitalong, starting in mid-late June. There will be prizes! So do join the group and keep an eye out for more details.

You can now see all of the patterns on Ravelry: The Book of Haps

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