Quite some time ago, I wrote Knitting Ruined my Wife: an occasional column for Simply Knitting magazine. One of the articles was entitled The Girl Who Cried Tubular Cast-On; a nearly true story of my being kept awake because Jen just couldn't stop thinking about "this wonderful technique".

Jen6 copy

Jen loves exploring the relationship between techniques and construction and her Nut-Hap is no exception. Inspired by a tiny woodland bird, the Nut-Hap incorporates tucks and, yes, the (in)famous tubular cast-on. Find out more about the design on Kate's blog.

Jen9 copy

Keep looking here and on Kate's blog for the other haps in the collection that are still to be unveiled. Why not subscribe to this blog and join our Ravelry group to keep up to date with this and other projects we're working on? 


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