FO: Scatness Hat

I'm aiming to catch up with myself a little. There's been a fair bit of knitting happening, but much of it has been uncatalogued here on the blog, which I'd like to rectify!

First up is my Scatness Tam.

Scatness Tam3

As you can see from the photo, I finished this last summer, but I wasn't overly excited by the photos, so I put off blogging about it. Now that I'm in a New Year frenzy of catching up with myself, I've taken a few flat photos, and I'm calling it done. I really enjoyed knitting this. I realised / remembered that I absolutely love Fair Isle designs. There's something about the rhythm of them that is a complete joy to me.

Scatness Tam1

I used Kate's colours, straight from Colours of Shetland (where you will find this and many other beautiful designs), apart from forgetting to use the brighter white shade in the centre of the main Fair Isle band. Doh!

Scatness Tam2

I'm really pleased with the finished hat, which hasn't yet decided who it wants to live with. My knits tend to tell me these things, but Scatness hasn't yet spoken!

I'd highly recommend both the pattern and the yarn (J&S 2 ply Jumper Weight) - they were a symphony of perfection! :)