All about A-C Knitwear

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We produce technique-led publications that use patterns from talented designers, supported by photo and video tutorials, to empower hand-knitters to learn new skills and unlock their full knitting potential.

Jen’s brain loves to unpick technical knitting issues, and she is so happy that her day job involves helping other knitters to find their own “A-ha!” moments. She started out as a technical editor, working with some of the biggest names in the hand-knitting industry. She worked with independent designers, yarn companies and publishers, to ensure that their pattern instructions were a joy to work from. She has a reputation for consistent and accurate pattern writing, as well as detailed and easy to follow tutorials. And she’s a giggle to work with. Jen is a reluctant designer, but sometimes an idea is just too persistent to be ignored. She's led by a fascination with techniques in combination with a love of her local area and bird life.

Jim has a background in science education and still has a red pen for marking up corrections. He has written technique articles for Simply Knitting and has previously chronicled his life as a knitting widower through his Knitting Ruined My Wife column in the same magazine. Jim now produces the A-C Knitwear video tutorials, as well as working behind the scenes generating new ideas and keeping the accounts shipshape. When he isn’t photographing new products for our online shop, or wrangling editing software, Jim enjoys long-distance running and growing produce in the family garden.

Jen and Jim are passionate about creating the best learning opportunities for knitters the world over.

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