What's included

A Year of Techniques is a collection of 12 designs, based around knitting techniques, to help you to upgrade your knitting skills. It is available in digital and print formats. You can choose whether to purchase the ebook only (£19.99) or the print + ebook combination (£20.00 plus shipping).

A Year of Techniques includes the following techniques:
Afterthought heels and thumbs
Garter stitch grafting
Helical stripes
Judy’s magic cast on (both for starting closed tubes, and as a provisional cast on) 
Knitting on a border
Mastering dominance in Fair Isle knitting
Pinhole cast on (also known as Emily Ocker’s circular cast on) 
Reading cables from charts
Short rows
Steeks and
Turning a heel

The patterns have been designed by an amazing team of designers:
Bristol Ivy 
Ella Austin 
Ella Gordon 
Jen Arnall-Culliford 
Jim Arnall-Culliford 
Martina Behm 
Mary Jane Mucklestone 
Rachel Coopey 
Romi Hill 
Sarah Hatton 
Tin Can Knits 
Woolly Wormhead

We are absolutely thrilled to have Kay and Ann at Mason-Dixon Knitting on board as cheer-leaders in chief, and Foreword writers for the print edition. They are also hosting the video tutorials and enabling chat in The Lounge.

Each month there is a knitalong over in the Arnall-Culliford-Culliford Knitwear group on Ravelry, as well as in The Lounge on Mason-Dixon Knitting. You will find lots of friendly, helpful knitters on hand to keep you company as you try something new.

Video tutorials

We have also created video tutorials to accompany each technique. You can find all of the videos on our You Tube channel (JenACKnitwear) as well as on the A Year of Techniques Video Tutorial page here on our website.

Accessing files

The easiest way to access your files for A Year of Techniques is through Ravelry. When you purchase a print + ebook, or ebook only copy of A Year of Techniques from our online shop, you can add A Year of Techniques to your Ravelry library as follows:

The option to add your pattern to Ravelry can be accessed from your order confirmation email. The email subject line is “Order # confirmed” where # is your order number. On that email there’s a button that says View your order, like this: 

If you click that it takes you to your checkout page (on the web, not in your email), where you’ll see a box like this: 

If you click on that button it will take you over to Ravelry and ask you to log in, if you aren’t already. Then you need to click one final button to add to your library: 

This cleverly adds A Year of Techniques to your Ravelry library. If you have any problems with this process, or you can't find your order confirmation email, please use our Contact Us form, and we will be able to help.

Local yarn shops

If you are a local yarn shop and are interested in stocking print copies of A Year of Techniques, preorders can be placed with Chester Wool Company, who are handling our distribution.